Gamma Horizon Hosted Phone System

  Gamma Horizon phone system

 A Complete Hosted Phone System

Introduction to Gamma Horizon

Gamma Horizon is a Hosted VoIP phone system that has the big business features expected from a business phone system but with the flexibility of a Hosted PBX.

With the Horizon phone system you could even benefit from free phone calls, free hardware and free ongoing support on the system.

Horizon hosted telephony is a hosted phone system and is regarded by most industry experts as the future of business telephony. With FREE CALLS as standard, call recording, call reporting, voicemail and ringing groups from as little as £12.50 per month - this is the one stop shop for your company's communication needs.

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Horizon brings together both the fixed and mobile telephony, all completely configurable with the easy to use gamma horizon portal. Simply login and you will find tweaking your system settings, changing your voicemail or making a holiday change to the night service a breeze.

Gamma Horizon is a complete telecommunications solution for you and your business. Easily managed by you or your employees.

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Benefits of a Hosted Phone System

Flexibility to work from anywhere

With the Horizon Mobile client you can twin your mobile phone with your desk phone, meaning you can answer all your calls to the office easily on your mobile device wherever you might be.

Working from home? No problem, you can either pick your office phone up and plug it into your home broadband router or just add the SIP client to your laptop.

New features just arrive!

Because the main infrastructure of the phone system is in the ‘cloud’, any new features that are developed for the system will automatically be added to your business phone system and available at the click of a button.

No need to upgrade any on site hardware and have major downtime will it's done. It’ll be done without you noticing. 

Gamma horizon mobile app
Horizon Web portal

One supplier means it's never someone else's fault

Most businesses have been there, you have a fault on a piece of equipment or service you use and everyone involved starts blaming the other company!

Well not with Gamma Horizon, you only need one supplier for the whole solution! 

Connect numerous sites, or your remote workers

The beauty of a hosted phone system is the unique way it connects. Using VoIP and SIP protocols enable you to have 1000’s of phones all in different locations around the world.

But all on the same phone system, same telephone number and using the same features on a global basis!

​​​​Reliable network infrastructure & scalability all in one

The Horizon platform is built with the reliability the modern business requires to make sure you are able to communicate with customers, suppliers and prospective clients at all times. 

A supplier of Gamma Horizon are able to offer full support, training on the system, porting of your existing number, with 24/7 UK-based support tea​​​​m giving you and your business colleagues complete peace of mind that if and when you need it, someone is on hand to help out! 

With little, to no capital outlay upfront the Gamma Horizon Hosted PBX is a reliable, proven solution for you and your business. Switching your business communications to Gamma Horizon couldn’t be easier when using one of their certified resellers.

Being a cloud based business phone system means there are no ongoing maintenance contracts to worry about. You could even access and change all the system configuration settings yourself through the online horizon portal if you are confident in your own abilities to do so.

Gamma Horizon Introduction video

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Why switch to a hosted phone system 

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