4 tips for getting into a finance role

Starting in the finance sector can be difficult due to its competitive nature. These four tips will help you get a headstart on your finance career path.  

1. Qualifications/ courses

You don’t necessarily need a degree to work in finance, but it can work to your advantage as it allows you to stand out against other candidates, especially if you are looking for a particular role, such as a Bookkeeper, Assistant Accountant or Credit Controller, which Bolton recruitment agency Four Recruitment have listed as some of the most common jobs in this sector.

If you can choose a course that will support the kind of position you’re most interested in such as business, accounting or economics, it will allow you to have a greater advantage from potential competitor candidates. Your course will expose you to new financial concepts which you can use to further your career. 

2. Find a mentor

Having a mentor can help you kickstart your career. Mentors will guide you throughout your early years and provide you with the resources you need to succeed in the future. Your mentor will act as a great resource for your learning, encourage professional development and push for you to achieve your goals. 

To find a mentor, you may want to consider asking internship managers, university tutors or even try and reach out to industry professionals.

3. Perfect your CV

When writing your CV it’s important that you’re writing in line with the sector of finance you wish to pursue, such as business or recruitment. Make sure your CV is easy to read, professional, and a concise overview of your professional career and experience. It’s important you list your previous qualifications whether that be from degree levels, apprenticeships or college courses in order to fit the criteria that the employer is asking for. 

Not only do you want to showcase your actual knowledge in finance, but also tech too, especially IT skills. Include any software platforms you have experience in, or any online learning courses you have taken as these will all help to strengthen your CV and make you become a stronger candidate. 

4. Attend careers fairs 

This is the perfect opportunity to speak to company representatives about their organisations, and any potential opportunities that may be available to you. Careers fairs are a perfect way to find local companies, for example if you’re based in the North West there are currently a variety of finance recruitment roles in Manchester.

You may be able to leave your CV with the representatives, and even participate in brief preliminary interviews during the event. It’s also useful to prepare a list of questions for potential employers to ensure you know the ins and outs of the job role.