What is Gamma Horizon?

Horizon is a hosted business telephone service that utilises cloud technology to provide a wide range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities.

A user-friendly web portal ensures that the administrator can manage the system easily, while also maximising employees productivity.

One of the main goals of the Horizon hosted system is to provide businesses with a platform that they can manage and customise based on their requirements.

The web-based portal is easily manageable therefore taking the burden away from a businesses IT team, this allows employees to manage their calls efficiently and effectively.

Horizon is adaptable to any business size, offers many solutions to common problems and will drive employees productivity forward.

Cloud with Telephones connected as per cloud telephony

Why switch to a hosted phone system 

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Why Choose Gamma Horizon?

Horizon is an extremely reliable and scalable system, built off an IP network that is safe and secure.

Transferring to the new system is incredibly easy and seamless, so much so that you will barely notice when the Gamma network takes over. A specialist Gamma partner will provide full support such as training, number porting and 24/7 UK-based assistance to ensure that any questions you have are answered.

Every company has different needs, Horizon hosted has built their phone systems with this in mind, meaning you can choose from a range of different handsets. 

The easy to use desktop interface also means that you can allocate your time to more important activities as it doesn’t take long to train staff to operate.

A wide range of call handling features increases the speed and ease of use of phone systems, leading to boosted productivity. 

Another benefit of choosing Gamma Horizon is that there is no line rental charge or upfront costs for hardware. All service, calls, installation and maintenance will normally be included within the user's monthly rental cost.

You no longer need to worry about hardware decreasing in value and you can now offset the cost 100% against your capital gains tax.

Along with no line rental cost, your business will only pay for what you use. You will be able to add new members of staff or take them off when they leave, allowing your company to keep control of your costs and your phone system.

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How does Gamma Horizon work?

Gamma Horizon is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system, giving you everything you’d expect with a traditional phone system but hosted in the cloud.

The benefits of a cloud-based phone system include spending less money on hardware and maintenance, whilst getting the flexibility of answering calls from your computer and mobile too.

You will never have to miss an important call with Gamma Horizon as you can use all the features of the office system on your mobile.

The easy-to-use Horizon interface provides a broad range of call handling features accessed via the web.

As well as allowing to personalise your own settings, the interface dashboard gives you access to information such as your call history, recorded calls and voicemails.

Gamma Horizon Mobile App

Horizon allows businesses to record inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service and audit purposes.

This feature allows secure online access to file storage and retrieval of call details.

IT managers are given powerful administrative capabilities and Horizon provides employees with the ability to control calls efficiently and effectively.

Setting the system up is quick and easy and you can either choose to pass the control to the user or retain control of the individual user features.

Gamma’s network was engineered specifically for business users meaning that you are guaranteed to have high-end voice quality from the systems.